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Important notice


Materials listed on this site and in store can become discontinued, sold out, etc... with out notice. Catalogs online and in the store are maintained by the mills.

Labor and Quotes:

All prices mentioned in person or in writing are only an estimate of your job. We (Econo Carpets, Econo Carpet Sales of Macon Inc, or Staff) can not be held accountable for price changes at the time the order is placed or once the old flooring is removed and a problem is uncovered. There may be unforeseen problems with your slab or substrate that could increase the total price of the job if we have to correct it. Extra prep may also be required at the customer's expense to properly install the flooring material. If any problems come up, we will contact you first before we proceed with the work. Moving furniture is extra, please have the areas ready before the crew shows up to work. We do not move Electronics.



We are not affiliated with any other buisness or organization listed on this site or referred to in person. We do not warranty or guarantee work by referrals. Use at your own risk!

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